Sep 7, 2012

Cannabis Extract

Eli Lilly Cannabis Fluid Extract

One Pint (475 CC.) Fluid Extract
No. 96
Cannabis, U.S.P. (Cannabis Sativa)
Contains Alcohol 80 Percent
Physiologically Standardized according to the U.S.P.
Use - Antispasmodic, Sedative and Narcotic
Average Dose - 1.5 min. (0.1 cc.)
Antidotes - Emetics to remove as much as possible.
Strong Coffee as a respiratory stimulant.
Tincture Cannabis
FL Ext. Cannabis, U.S.P.
 Eli Lilly Cannabis Powdered Extract

Keep tightly closed
Poison -- One ounce (28 gm)
Powdered Extract No. 28
Cannabis (Cannabis Sativa)
Physiologically tested
Eli Lilly Cannabis Tincture

Poison - One Fourth Pint (118 CC.)
Tincture No. 17
Cannabis (Cannabis Sativa)
Physiologically tested
Contains alcohol 93 percent
Antispasmodic, Analgesic and Hypnotic
Dose - 10 to 30 minims (.062 to 2 cc.)
increased until desired effect obtained.

Eli Lilly & Company

Indianapolis U.S.A.

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