Mar 21, 2013

o tabaco da vida

Mario Quintana
Tennessee Williams
Mark Twain
John Steinbeck
Albert Camus
W. H. Auden
Andre Malraux
 Albert Camus
 Gilles Deleuze
Antoine Saint-Exupéry

Mar 9, 2013

opium smokers

German Students at the University of Heidelberg, 1900

High Priest

High Priest By Timothy Leary
1995 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 0914171801 | EPUB | 5 MB

Back in print after 20 years, this text from the earliest days of psychedelia chronicles the experiences on 16 acid trips taken before LSD was illegal. The trip guides or "high priests" included Aldous Huxley, Ram Dass, Ralph Meltzner, Huston Smith and a junkie from New York City named Willy. It tells of the goings-on and freaking out at the Millbrook mansion in New York State that became the Mecca of psychedelia during the 1960s, and of the many luminaries who made their pilgrimage there to trip with Leary and his group. Chapters include an I Ching reading and a chronicle of what happened during those "spacewalks" of the mind.